To my dearest Bobo:

Thank you for always being my pal. You were always there to shower with me and and sleep with me when I was scared; even though I know you hated it. Someday sit was just me and you chilling at home with nothing to do and you were always there to keep me company. You are by far the nicest cat I’ve ever known. Most cats hate other people but you were the only cat that would walk up to new people and be their friend. You were always soooo loving to me and for that I’m thankful. I’m glad to say that you’ve been my friend for close to 16 years now but now that you’re gone I know this apartment will be a lot more empty without you. #RIPBobo #fuckcancer #childhoodfriend


1. After Ross said the wrong name, why did Emily finish the wedding?

10 Things That Still Bother Me About “Friends”

Justin Chee is getting too good at photoshop.. The strangest and funniest face swap I’ve seen LOL sucks it has to be me and @kirstinmika though LOL #faceswapfridays

For whatever it’s worth, at least they added the kahakō… #justsaying #maaaaanoa #ighi #alohafriday (at Hamilton Library)

When Cowboy fans and Niner fans are in the same section bets will be made.. NEVER BET AGAINST THE NINERS CUZ THEN YOU END UP WEARING MY JERSEY ALL REHEARSAL!!!! #cheeeeeeeee #ninersallday #ninersnation #davis85 (at University of Hawaii Music Department)

LEADERSHIP OUTING!!!!!!! #ijustthrewastrike #blonbeatsall #allkinebus #aieabowl (at Cosmic Bowling @ Aiea Bowl)

4 hours of karaoke? Lord be with our throats lol I hope everyone had a blast cuz I did. You deserved this!! We all did! Thanks guys. Also thanks for the aloha attire! This is going to be an amazing season #latergram #alohashirts #alohafridays #ighi #boybandbattles #saxtothemax #saxoffenders (at Toma’s Karaoke)